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Staff Attack Alarms

Our staff attack alarms are highly effective in protecting staff at risk of personal attack. This includes healthcare workers, prison guards, psychiatric nurses, security guards, social workers and retail staff.

Staff Attack Alarm

For over 20 years we have supplied staff attack systems under the Blick Communications brand to all types of environments with installations in some of the highest risk establishments throughout Europe. From simple personal alarms to sophisticated staff location systems that integrate with intercom, access control and CCTV.



  • Small unobtrusive mobile alarm units
  • Staff location and tracking
  • Group location call – sending closest person to incident
  • Real time monitoring and recording for incident logs
  • Integrates with intercom, CCTV and access control
  • Central monitoring for incident control
  • Tilt and rip cord functions on mobiles
  • Digital communications for increased system speed and integrity
  • Nationwide 24/7 maintenance service
  • In House Finance to reduce capital outlay
  • Total solution-design, installation and maintenance



Staff Attack Alarms Product Range

Minder & Minder Plus

Minder & Minder Plus thumbnailReal time staff attack alarm and location system

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Bodyguard thumbnailStaff protection and mobile status monitoring system, ideal for large number of users

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Gemini IR

Gemini IR thumbnailInfrared staff attack and alarm system

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ADEPT Minder & Bodyguard

ADEPT Minder & Bodyguard thumbnailStaff attack alarm system based on unlicensed digital communication technology

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