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Gemini Nursecall

This Nursecall system has been designed to meet the specific demands of the healthcare industry. It provides vital reassurance for patients who know that they can always call for help. Personnel are provided with essential information about the location and urgency of calls so that they can respond appropriately. This ensures high standards of care with effective use of resources.

Patients can call for a carer simply by pressing a button on their bedhead unit, or on the hand-held extension. Alternatively, a lightweight pendant is available that can be worn comfortably round the neck. A flashing light provides reassurance that the call has been sent.


Gemini Nurse Call

Gemini Nursecall provides vital reassurance for patients who know that they can always call for help.


The pagers carried by staff indicate whether a call is normal, assistance or emergency status. If a patient's call is not answered, an automatic call transfer facility reroutes the alert to the next paging unit, ensuring that a patient is never left unattended. Once with the patient, a carer can summon further assistance, alert an emergency team, or, alternatively, calls can be cancelled from the bedhead unit.

Gemini Nursecall uses radio technology, which eliminates the need for expensive wiring and makes the system easy to install with the minimum of disruption.

The system is straightforward to operate, reliable and easily expandable. It can be integrated with other Blick Communications products, such as Digital Telephone Systems (DECT), Aquarius Paging Systems and Staff Protection Systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Specially designed for the healthcare market
  • Reliable and easy to operate
  • Uses radio technology
  • Versatile and easy to expand
  • Robust equipment design
  • Printer logging of activity
Bedhead Unit
  • Reliable and easy to operate
  • Three levels of alarms
    - Normal nurse call
    - Assistance call
    - Emergency call
  • Visual call confirmation
  • Hand-held alarm extension (optional)
  • Lightweight alarm pendant extension (optional)
Aquarius Pagers
  • Easy to operate
  • 10 bleep tones
  • Silent operation
  • Visual alert
  • Vibrate alert
  • Volume control
  • Robust casing
  • Reversible LCD screen
  • Indoor and outdoor on-site operation


Typical System

A typical system consists of: Control console, Aquarius radio paging infrastructure, Aquarius pagers, bedhead units, extensions and pendants, charging racks.


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